When in her 1967 essay “Goodbye to All That,” wrote about leaving New York City—as so many others have done in the face of the pandemic—she spoke not only of the blue-and-white striped sheets, the vermouth cassis, and the faded nightgowns, but also of the scents—two jasmine-inflected perfumes, Caron’s Fleurs de Rocaille and Nina Ricci’s L’Air du Temps—that captivated her, even long […]

Networked business: what is it really

Network business or MLM has Western roots and is pronounced as “Multi-Level-Marketing” (literal translation – “multi-level marketing”). In addition to this type of business, it has such titles as network marketing, business of the 21st century, business relationships or “network marketing”. A network business, like a good business, has a product sale in its own […]

Vaccinations for dogs and cats

The most dangerous diseases for animals are carnivore plague, leptospirosis, infectious hepatitis (adenovirosis), parvovirus enteritis (olympic), parainfluenza, rabies. Among these diseases there are those that are very dangerous for humans: rabies, leptospirosis. Terms of vaccination: The first vaccination – in two – two and a half months (vaccination against viral hepatitis, plague, rabies).Revaccination – after […]

TOP 13 trends in the restaurant business in 2021

Restaurant trends are changing rapidly, this is due to the introduction of quarantine measures in different countries. Now most of the revenue comes from the delivery of orders and with you. We will conduct a review of the restaurant market and talk about how technologies have changed the restaurant market, which services are already available […]

Smart watch or fitness bracelet? How do they differ and what is better to choose

The popularity of smartwatches and fitness bracelets is growing every year. Just think, Apple Watch alone sold 10 million more units in 2019 than all Swiss watches combined (source)! According to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, watch exports in 2019 fell 13.1% from a year earlier. And Apple Watch shipments grew 36% over […]

Advantages and disadvantages of SPP and WPP technologies

Harnessing the energy of the sun and increasing the amount of energy to meet the energy needs of the world. Already more than 100 countries are using relevant program targets to expand the use of renewable energy sources and have introduced related energy programs that oblige the grids to buy electricity from renewable energy sources. […]