Bright and interesting antistress toys: what you need to know

There are such activities when children are completely absorbed. Even adults don’t mind playing – they also often need to relieve stress and keep themselves occupied. So you can sculpt and indulge the whole family!

Antistress toy: what types are there and what are the benefits
To give the child more energy, invite him to relax, stretch his arms and wrists with spinners, for example, and drive negative thoughts away – why think about the bad when you can have fun! After all, stress has a bad effect on the body, we become nervous and restless stress. If you set aside time for anti-stress toys every day, you will notice how anxiety goes away and your mood rises!

Children will be happy to receive fast spinners, bright slimes, and various Kits for creativity as a gift.

Let’s figure out together what options can be found, how to entertain the child and have fun ourselves. And also get rid of unnecessary negativity and tension.

Let’s start with sets of plasticine – they will help children develop fine motor skills, perception of colors, shapes, and the ability to concentrate. Incredible crafts can be made from this material – you just have to dream up. These are no longer just anti-stress toys – this is an anti-stress process!

The Play-Doh brand offers many options for sculpting, for example, a set with 10 plasticine jars in different colors. It is odorless, does not stick to hands and does not dry out. This set is suitable for girls and boys aged 2 years and older. Kneading the mass soothes and gives relief from worries and worries.

Or check out Genio Kids and their dough made from flour, water, starch, salt, lecithin, flavor and color. It is safe and there are 8 colors in the set. Plasticine crafts, thanks to this set, will delight both children and adults.

If you want to surprise your child with an interesting gift, then get an unusual antistress toy – ball plasticine from the Education Insights brand. The peculiarity of the Starlight set is that the material glows in the dark! Its advantages:

does not stain clothes and skin;
does not leave marks on furniture;
does not crumble;
does not dry.
It is suitable for playing girls and boys from the age of 3 years. Present your kid with a real fairy tale!

Lipaka also invites children on a fascinating journey with interesting worlds of anti-stress toys, because a child will be able to blind himself to good-natured monsters, for example. For this, the set contains 18 jars with a mass for modeling. Let the finished figurine dry – it will take a day for this, and the children will have a new toy, created by their own hands.

We also suggest considering a bright squish – a soft and pleasant to the touch thing. They come in all shapes and sizes, from food to animals. For example, Squishies has created a collection of very mouth-watering items such as macaroons, cookies, tacos or berry pie.

Antistress toys are made of a material that resembles foam rubber. Such entertainment is recommended for children from 8 years old, they will like the pliability of the material.

Affectionate Squishies kitten will win the hearts of babies – he is very cute, the process of squeezing a toy and watching it regain its shape can be compared to meditation.

The Tobar brand offers its own version of squishy – Jellyball. The assortment of the company includes antistress toys in the form of banana and pineapple. There are hydrogel balls inside such a fruit, if you squeeze it, then the balls begin to change shape and inflate, when you release it, then everything will return to its original shape. Squish is pleasant to hold in your hands, can be crumpled and stretched, it is suitable for boys and girls from the age of 5 years.

Kinetic sand is a good option among antistress toys, and will also take the attention of children for a long time. It is safe for health, does not stain clothes and hands, does not scatter, does not stick, it is easy to assemble it into a ball to continue playing another time. Kinetic sand can be used to create various figurines.

Kinetic Sand has created many different sets, consider the usual option – Sand Castle. There are three molds here with the ability to create marine life.

Playing with kinetic sand develops:

fine motor skills;
Creative skills.
Genio Kids also offers options with molds. For example, a set of Smart sand Cupcakes, there are 8 plastic molds in the set. Children feel like confectioners or bakers. Everyday fun is guaranteed!

What other interesting anti-stress toys do we know? Fidget spinners, magnetic rings, pendulums, neocubes, slimes and of course slimes! These products are very funny and bright, slippery, cold, but so pleasant to the touch. Making slimes with your own hands is very easy! Compound kings Bling is a bright and interesting set, by mixing the ingredients from which children get an original slime.

The quality is high – it is safe, does not crumble or stain

surface, it can be squeezed, stretched and rolled – it will still return to its previous shape. The set is suitable for girls and boys over the age of 5 years. The same brand has a series of Glitzy Dotz – antistress toys with sparkles and different aromas – toffee, fruit, mango, etc.

Stylus creates slimes in packages of various sweets – strawberry ice cream, lemonade or cotton candy.

Also, for an anti-stress effect, we advise you to try another type of anti-stress toys – slimes. Scentos provides different options with creative names – crazy grapes, playful watermelon, crazy apple. They really smell like fruit and the consistency is like jelly. Slimes are suitable for children from 3 years old.

A number of original anti-stress products were supplemented by three new products at once:

Simple dimple. A small toy with several rubber buttons that can be popped and convenient to carry.
Pop it (Pop it). Rubber toy of various shapes and colors. Usually, it has 6 rows of buttons, which give a characteristic sound when pressed.
Snapper. A toy-expander that helps to train the muscles of the arms and makes a “snap” sound.
Look for what is right for your children, because there are a lot of antistress toys – these are spinners, a variety of Sculpting Kits, and kinetic materials, and squishies, and gel figures. On the website, you will find many options. Have fun with your children, because adults need it too!

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