Sliders are fashionable shoes this summer

It’s time to get used to new realities and get used to what has now become a familiar trend this season. So, if earlier Vietnamese were taken with them exclusively during a vacation at sea, soft slippers and birkenstock were home shoes, and crocs were worn by gardening enthusiasts, pensioners and children, then 2020 has radically changed all fashion trends. Crocs alone broke sales records in 2020, becoming the favorite footwear of streetstyle activists. In 2021, the trend for “ugly” shoes continued, strengthening its position in the fashion arena. We suggest taking a closer look at the current sliders, popularly referred to as flip-flops or slippers, reminiscent of home comfort.

In the spring-summer 2021 collections of brands, sliders occupy a dominant position. Designers began to glorify their favorite home shoes, giving them a new life. We are confident that this summer you will be able to achieve the perfect complement to your business suit, for plush sliders reminiscent of relaxation and comfort. Valentino showed a leather model with curly molding, referring to rose petals, while a more laconic model can be found at Salvatore Ferragamo – the brand adorned caramel sliders with a small steady heel. In addition, among all kinds of sliders, there are models with massive soles, like Victoria / Tomas or cork ones, like Gabriela Hearst.
More and more brands are starting to rely on convenience and comfort in their collections. So, the soft slippers that we used to wear at home can now safely be put on outside. Rosetta Getty combines braided shoes with an elegant pantsuit, Balenciaga mixes fur sliders with a shirt dress, and Celine adorns utilitarian plush patterns with soft pink slippers.

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