Beautiful hair: seven tips for the best results

Everyone dreams of shiny, strong, voluminous and healthy hair. Nothing dyes a woman like beautiful long hair. But how do you become the owner of such luxury? Our seven tips will show you how to get beautiful and healthy hair.

Tip 1: Diet of beauty

Beautiful hair is, first of all, healthy hair. For your hair to be healthy, it first needs a healthy diet. Proteins and vitamin B5 are essential for healthy hair and scalp. Protein is abundant in chicken eggs, nuts and cheese, unprocessed rice, legumes and grains are rich in vitamin B5. Vitamins and minerals strengthen the roots. Coffee, on the other hand, stimulates the production of sebum at the roots, which, unfortunately, exacerbates dandruff problems. Nicotine and alcohol also have no place in the beauty diet. But your diet must necessarily contain fruits, fish, poultry, vegetables, as well as milk, soy and whole grains. In addition, include plenty of vitamin H, zinc, iron, and folate on your menu.

Tip 2: make your hair manageable

The use of conditioners makes the hair smooth and manageable. Apply a rinse conditioner (or leave-in conditioner), especially on weak and dry ends, for prettier, more well-groomed hair.

Tip 3: Protect Your Hair From Heat

Be careful not to damage your hair when exposed to heat. While drying them, the hair dryer must be in constant motion. Do not use attachments that restrict the flow of hot air. When drying, change the air temperature to a lower one – this will reduce the risk of damage to the structure. When drying with a hair dryer and styling (for example, when using a flat iron for straightening or when curling), the exposure temperature often reaches 200 ° C. And in damaged hairs, proteins begin to act already at a temperature of about 140 ° C, so apply thermal hair protection instead of using devices. The spray will repair the protein damage to the hairs and protect them from possible damage. You can read more about how to properly blow-dry your hair in our article.

Tip 4: getting a good haircut works wonders

Is your face framed by weak, thin hair? The reason for this usually lies in the wrong haircut. The beauty of hair lies not only in its health, but also in the correct haircut. It is a great idea to go to a skilled and experienced stylist who will evaluate your hair and find the best option for you. In this case, you are guaranteed not just a fashionable, but also a competent haircut. Next, you need to trim a new haircut every month and a half, but do not let anyone do it with a razor blade or roughly cut the ends – these methods usually cause split ends and scalp injuries. After such procedures, it is often very difficult to create a large and lush shock.

Tip 5: You can’t do without a good comb

The best combs are with natural (pig bristle) or mixed bristles. These bristles glide easily over the hair surface. Although they only glide easily if the hair is just damp, and therefore it is as sensitive as wet. A quality brush removes dirt and styling residue and distributes sebum evenly from root to tip. A high-quality hairbrush will bring you closer to fulfilling your “beautiful and healthy hair” dream.

Tip 6: Hands off your scalp

To avoid getting grease from the fingers, you can avoid getting on them so as not to distribute it along the entire length to the tips.

Tip 7: Little Tricks – Beautiful Hair

Your hair will look thicker if you color it darker than your natural color. The same effect can be achieved by lightly glazing the hair, which makes it a little harder and more manageable. And here is a special tip for owners of hair: use shampoos to add volume – they strengthen and strengthen. Use only mild baby shampoos.

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