Interior doors are an important part of the interior. Doors set accents, complement, harmonize with the decor. Today there are many types of interior doors: by style, materials, design. In this article, we will analyze what characteristics to look for when choosing a door.

  1. Design and style
    Interior doors are part of the interior, therefore, we put the appearance first. The door design consists of several points:

finish texture – smooth, rough, matte, glossy, “wood-like”, “concrete-like”
coating color – the most popular light doors, dark black, less popular options (red, blue, green)
pattern – geometric lines, classic patterns, lack of pattern, floral motifs, combinations of glass inserts
hidden doors – doors that completely merge with the wall and are not immediately visible in the interior
doors to the ceiling – the classic version of the entrance door – about 2000 mm, that is, there is a distance to the ceiling, an interesting modern option is a door with a height of the entire wall.

  1. Cost
    This criterion is always important. Many manufacturers have discounts on the purchase of multiple doors, so you can buy quality beautiful doors at a bargain price. Always inquire about current promotions.
  2. Quality and reliability
    Everyone wants the door to serve for a long time and without problems: the locks worked properly, the fittings did not fade or scratch, the door did not lose its original appearance.
  3. Noise isolation, light and odor transmittance
    For many, it is important that the door does not let noise into the room and does not let it out. This is especially important in the bedroom and children’s rooms.

High light transmittance suitable for kitchens and living rooms. Low provision in bedrooms.

Not letting in odors is the right quality for an interior door for a kitchen and a bathroom.

  1. Moisture resistance
    An interior door for a bathroom must withstand constant exposure to moisture: not to swell, not to lose its appearance and geometry.

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