How to choose the right lawn mower yourself (step by step instructions)

Nothing decorates your home like a neatly mowed lawn, and it’s much easier to care for it if you have a lawn mower. In our review, we will cover all aspects of how to choose the best lawn mower for your plot of land. So that the lawn is always well-groomed and does not cause a lot of trouble.

What is a lawn mower? This is a gardening technique designed to automate and facilitate the process of mowing lawn grass.

Types of mowers:

The most powerful and productive type of lawn mower is the gasoline model. They are used to care for large lawn areas. For all its advantages, ICE lawn mowers have considerable weight and dimensions, are difficult to operate and operate noisily.
Corded electric mowers are connected to a centralized energy source. They are economical and easy to use, quiet and inexpensive, but their area of ​​operation depends on the length of the power cord.
Cordless mower models are equipped with a rechargeable battery and are capable of operating autonomously. They are compact and mobile, but the battery power affects the duration of their operation.
Robotic lawn mowers with batteries are the latest in gardening technology. They mow the grass with high quality, are easy to set up and operate, suitable for servicing small and medium-sized lawns, but their price is quite high.
Mechanical lawn mowers are the simplest and most labor-intensive to use. But they have a large margin of safety and belong to the models of the budget segment.
A separate group of lawn equipment includes battery / petrol trimmers and brushcutters – they are used for mowing tall grass on rough terrain, in hard-to-reach places and near trees. These portable lawn mowers are equipped with an engine power from 0.15 to 2.5 kW, equipped with a line and / or a knife and provide a mowing width of 20 … 150 cm. Hand trimmers and petrol cutters weigh up to 20 kg and are suitable for cutting grass on small area.
Mechanical lawn mowers
A mechanical mower with a rotary or drum-type cutting unit is the most inexpensive option for lawn equipment. Lawn mowers without a drive are inexpensive, do not depend on the energy source, and are absolutely environmentally friendly. True, mowing the grass on the lawn will take a lot of time and require significant physical effort.

TOP 5 best mechanical lawn mowers

BOSCH AHM 30. Two-wheel mechanical mower weighing 6.4 kg is equipped with a spindle shaft with four hardened steel knives and provides a 30 cm mowing width. The mower’s body and deck are made of steel, and the handle is foldable. The cutting height of the grass can be infinitely adjusted from 12 to 40 mm.
AL-KO Soft Touch 380 HM Premium. The model has a weight of 9.8 kg and is designed to service a 250 m2 site. The mower is equipped with two rubber wheels and a drum with five steel blades. The grass cutting system has four levels of height adjustment in the range of 14 … 35 mm.
GARDENA 400 C Comfort. A two-wheeled model that is suitable for the maintenance of 250 m2 lawns. It is capable of cutting grass 12-42 mm above ground level and mowing a strip of grass 40 cm wide. With a steel body, the mower weighs 9.4 kg.

Unlike other mechanical lawn mowers in our TOP, its handle not only folds, but also adjusts in height.
Husqvarna 54. The model is practically no different from other similar lawn mowers included in our TOP. It is completed with a metal body, two rubber wheels and a steel spindle shaft. It is characterized by a mowing strip width of 40 cm and has a 4-step adjustment of the cutting height of the grass in the range of 12 … 38 cm. The only thing, its weight is 8.6 kg, and it is slightly less than that of other TOP participants.
STIGA SCM 440 FS. The body of the power lawn mower is made of aluminum alloy, the wheels are made of plastic. With dimensions of 54x59x28 cm, the model weighs 19.4 kg, mows a strip 40 cm wide, has a 9-level grass cutting height adjustment.
Electric lawn mowers
The corded electric mower is the best choice for mowing small to medium sized lawns. This technique will cut the grass as much as you need. In this case, you do not have to constantly refuel or recharge it. Wired lawn mowers are, as a rule, cheaper than battery and gasoline models of similar power. The only thing is that the mowing radius will be limited by the length of the power cable and you may need to use an extension cord to get to distant areas of the lawn. In addition, you will need to ensure that the mower blades do not touch the wire.

TOP 3 Best Corded Electric Lawn Mowers

BOSCH ARM 37. This 12 kg electric 4-wheel lawn mower is characterized by a cutting width of 37 cm and a cutting height of 20 … 70 mm, adjustable in 5 levels. The 1.4 kW motor is equipped with an overload protection system. The model is equipped with a rigid 40-liter grass catcher and is designed for mowing lawn areas of 500 m2. The noise level when cutting does not exceed 91 dB.
AL-KO 112856 Classic 3.82 SE. The 13 kg corded wheeled lawnmower is ideal for the maintenance of 500 m2 grassy areas. The model is equipped with a 1.4 kW electric motor. The width of the lawn mowing strip is 38 cm, the cutting height can be selected within the range of 20 … 60 mm using 3-stage adjustment. The cut grass is collected in a rigid 37 liter container. The noise level during the operation of the lawn mower reaches 96 dB.
Huter ELM-1800. A wheel lawnmower with a 1.8 kW electric motor has a weight of 22 kg. Provides a cutting width of 42 cm, and the cutting height is adjustable in 5 levels and varies from 28 to 50 mm. The collection of herbs is carried out in a soft 45-liter bag.
Unlike corded electric mowers, cordless models are more compact and maneuverable, and the radius of their operation is not limited by the length of the cable. Despite the absence of a connection to a network energy source, the duration of the operation of such equipment is low and depends on the capacity of the battery. Due to the battery included, cordless lawn mowers are more expensive and heavier than corded lawn mowers. On the other hand, cordless models can be as powerful as ICE mowers but weigh less. Another caveat: cordless lawnmowers do not always come with a removable battery – you will have to buy it separately, but it is not cheap.

TOP 3 best cordless lawn mowers

BOSCH Rotak 32 LI. The wheel-mounted cordless lawnmower with a cutting width of 32 cm is recommended for lawns of 300 m2. Provides a grass cutting height of 30 … 60 mm, adjustable in three levels, and is completed with a 31 liter rigid grass catcher. The electric motor is powered by a 4 Ah Li-Ion battery, which takes 140 minutes. for recharging. The body, deck and rims of the model are made of plastic, and the weight of the mower is 10.4 kg. The set includes a battery and a charger.
KARCHER LMO 18-33. Non-self-propelled 4-wheel lawnmower with electric motor and 5 Ah lithium-ion battery. The cutting width is 33 cm, the cutting height of the grass is manually set and can be from 35 to 65 mm. The mower has a mulching function and is equipped with a 35 liter soft grass catcher. With dimensions 37x125x99 cm, the weight of the model is 11.3 kg. Its body is plastic, and the handle is foldable with adjustable height.
Makita DLM431PT2. The battery electric wheeled model with a 5 Ah Li-Ion battery operates with a noise level of 80 dB. The mower is recommended for mowing lawns with an area of ​​750 m2, has a 43 cm mowing strip width and 13-level adjustment of the grass cutting height in the range of 20 … 75 mm. A soft 40-liter grass catcher is provided for collecting cut grass. The mower is equipped with a plastic body and weighs 18.3 kg with dimensions of 46x149x102 cm. The package includes two replaceable batteries and a charger.
Gasoline Lawn Mowers
Motorized wheel mowers with internal combustion engines are powerful units suitable for mowing large lawns as well as green lawns located on the ground.

models are limited only by the volume of the gas tank. Despite the mobility and solid working life, gasoline lawn mowers also have a number of disadvantages: they are heavy and noisy, require thorough preparation for work and systematic maintenance.

TOP 3 best gasoline lawn mowers

Makita PLM4628N. Rear-wheel drive 4-wheel model with a 140 cc engine and 2.6 hp. Provides a mowing width of 46 cm and is intended for mowing 1400 m2 lawns. It has a steel body and a height-adjustable foldable handle. Mulching is carried out and is completed with a soft grass collector with a volume of 60 liters. The mower has a 7-step grass height adjustment from 25 to 75 mm. Lawn mower noise level – 87 dB, weight – 31.2 kg, dimensions – 56x86x45 cm.
Hyundai L4600S. A rear-wheel drive self-propelled lawnmower with a 46 cm cutting strip can cut 25-75 mm high, mulch and dump it into the 65 liter soft grass catcher. The model is equipped with a 3.5 hp petrol engine with a working volume of 139 cm3. Both the body and the deck of the mower are made of steel, and the handle is foldable and height adjustable. Hyundai L4600S weighs 33.8 kg, the noise level when mowing a lawn is no more than 96 dB.
PATRIOT PT 52 BS. The rear-wheel drive model is equipped with a 163 cm3 engine and 5 hp. The lawn mower moves around the site at a speed of 24 km / h and is designed to maintain a lawn area of ​​1000 m. Provides a width of 51 cm for cutting grass and a cutting height of 25 … 75 mm, adjustable in 6 levels. Complete with mulch attachment and 65 l soft grass catcher. The noise level during the operation of the lawn mower is a maximum of 98 dB, weight – 33.44 kg.
Robotic lawn mowers
The robotic mower is a smart technology with a battery for high-quality care of a lawn area. Such a robotic machine will free you from the hassle of regularly cutting grass. She can not only mow the grass cover and recharge herself, but also fertilize the soil, as well as plan a haircut depending on weather conditions. The programming and setting of the lawn mower is carried out using the control panel or using a special application from a mobile device.

TOP 3 best robotic lawn mowers

BOSCH Indego 350. The robotic lawn mower provides a 19 cm mowing strip width and is designed to mow 350 m2 lawns. A three-level switch allows you to adjust the cutting height of the grass in the range of 30 … 55 mm. With a fully charged Indego 350 battery in 30 minutes, it takes 45 minutes to recharge the battery. The body and wheels of the model are made of plastic, and its weight is 7.7 kg.
GARDENA Sileno life 750. A 7.3 kg robotic lawn mower for cutting 750 m2 green beetles. This is a rear wheel drive model with a 22 cm cutting width and an adjustable cutting height of 20 to 50 mm. With a fully charged battery, Sileno life 750 works for an hour, and it takes the same amount of time to recharge. The scope of delivery includes a magnetic cable 300 m long and 200 pegs for laying it.
Robomow RS612. The three-wheeled robotic lawnmower with an electric motor of 0.4 kW is suitable for the maintenance of grassy areas of 1200 m2. With a cutting width of 56 cm, the model is 170 m2 / h and the noise level is 68 dB. Conveniently, the cutting height of the grass can be changed within the range of 20 … 80 mm using a 27-step regulator. The lawn mower weighs 20 kg with dimensions 66x74x31 cm. It is equipped with rain, tilt and lift sensors.
What to consider when choosing a lawn mower
A type
Before choosing the type of lawn mower – mechanical, electric or gasoline – it is necessary to analyze a number of services:

the area and relief of the lawn;
remoteness from the source of electricity;
the type of grass and the frequency of its cutting;
the time you can spend on lawn care;
who will mow the grass (man / woman / elderly person);
maintaining a clean atmosphere;
permissible noise level.
You are ready to devote about two hours to mowing the lawn, then a mechanical or a wired electric model will do.

If the plot has an area of ​​about 1000 m2, then you can choose between a battery and a gasoline lawn mower.

For irregular maintenance of lawns with an area of ​​1000 m2 or more, it is best to buy a lawn mower with a gasoline engine. It can be either a self-propelled wheeled model or a tractor lawn mower.

Movement type
Manual. Portable trimmers and petrol cutters equipped with a collapsible bar with a height-adjustable handle, and often a shoulder strap.
Wheeled. Mowers can be equipped with two or four wheels. To reduce the effort required when mowing grass, it is best to choose a self-propelled model that has an additional drive to help push the mower forward.

Purposefully designed for mowing tall grass on rough terrain and in hard-to-reach places.
Drive unit
Front wheel drive. They are characterized by high maneuverability and ease of control. Ideal for smooth grass lawns.
Rear wheel drive. They are equipped with rear wheels with a larger diameter than the front ones. Convenient for the maintenance of lawns on slopes and lowlands.
Four-wheel drive. Versatile lawn mowers with high power and performance, capable of working in all weather conditions. Suitable for areas located on difficult terrain.
Without drive. Non-self-propelled models are distinguished by reliability, low weight and economy in operation. They have proven themselves best in the care of small-area country lawns.
Electric without battery. A corded electric mower is used when the lawn is located far from the mains power source, and the length of the cable does not allow processing the entire area.
Electric with battery. Provides the mobility of the lawnmower, with which you can care for the most remote areas of the garden.
Petrol. The high performance of the motor allows you to mow grass in large areas in intensive mode.
Without engine. Mechanical mowers are suitable for mowing small areas with low young grass and are not suitable for mowing tall and dense grassy vegetation.

Low (electric – up to 1.5 kW, gasoline – up to 2.5 hp). Lawn mowers have a narrow mowing strip, limited functionality. Designed for small garden lawns.
Medium (electric – up to 2 kW, gasoline – up to 6 hp). The technique can mow not only young grass, but also weeds with a lignified stem. Garden lawns of medium size with slight irregularities on the ground surface.
High (petrol – more than 6 HP). Expensive models of the professional segment for large-scale garden work.
Cutting strip width:

small (up to 40 cm) – areas up to 500 m2;
medium (40 .., 50 cm) – areas up to 1000 m2;
high (50 … 60 cm) – areas up to 2000 m2;
ultra-high (60 … 120 cm) – areas over 2000 m2.
The wider the cutting width of the model, the more area of ​​the lawn the mower processes in one pass. This parameter is related to the power of the mower and affects its performance.

Cutting height (from 5 to 150 mm):

manual adjustment for even amateur lawns;
central adjustment for professional trimming of tennis courts and football fields, as well as for areas with bumpy terrain.
Discharge / collection type:

into a soft / hard catcher.
Mulching grass. Chopping cut plants and then collecting them in a container or spreading them over the lawn.

Cutting unit – drum (rotating cylinder with multiple blades) or rotary (rotating blades / discs).
The body is plastic or steel.
The handle is metal folding, most often it is supplemented with a height adjuster.
Wheels – plastic or rubber.
Features of using a gasoline lawn mower
The operation of a lawn mower with an internal combustion engine is fraught with a number of difficulties, because it is necessary:

regularly fill the gas tank with fuel;
control the oil level and add coolant;
check the health of the ignition system;
carry out technical inspections and service.
In addition, some gasoline lawn mowers do not have a start button, but a starter cable, which requires a lot of force to start the engine.

Durability of the tool
The same principle applies to a lawnmower as for any other technique: the simpler the design and the less electronics, the longer the equipment lasts. Based on this, the most durable will be a power lawn mower. An important role is played by the materials from which the units and the body of the lawn mower are made. Before choosing and buying a specific model, it is advisable to analyze what steel the knife blades are made of, plastic or metal – the mower body.

Work comfort
Self-propelled electric lawn mowers provide the best comfort when mowing the lawn. They have a relatively light weight and compact size, operate almost silently, do not poison the air with exhaust gases, like gasoline models. On the other hand, they do not require strong muscular efforts, as when mowing a lawn with a mechanical mower.

The most inexpensive model to operate is a hand-operated lawn mower. If you do not want to strain physically or you have little time to take care of the site, then the best option is to buy a wired electric model.

Which type of mowers is more productive
Petrol lawn mowers with large cutting widths have the highest performance. They are bought for mowing lawns in parks, stadiums and land plots with an area of ​​1000 m2 or more.

What is more practical to use
The most practical in operation will be the mower model, which in terms of power and functionality

for use on a specific site. For example, if the lawn is small, then there is no point in buying a high-powered electric or gasoline lawn mower.

For what area of lawns do the mowers use?

up to 250 m2 – trimmers and brushcutters, manual models;
250-500 m2 – mechanical and electrical wired models;
500-1000 m2 – electric mowers (with or without battery);
over 1000 m2 – gasoline lawn mowers.

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