The morning of the bride and groom can and should be beautiful. Three options are popular:

Traditional. The morning gatherings of the future newlyweds are held separately. In every family, these last hours before the symbol of “parting” are understood by the closest people. Amateur or professional video and photography reflects the entire palette of emotions and moods.
Comfortable. There are situations when a beautiful hotel room is ordered for the training camp. The bride’s boudoir morning before the wedding after a good rest guarantees a good mood. Make-up artists, hairdressers, photographers note that it is easy and comfortable to work in a light, spacious room.
Romantic. The bride and groom spend a momentous morning together and take care of each other. Joint wedding worries give pleasant emotions, the morning of lovers leaves an imprint on the whole day.
gathering the bride

Do you want beautiful memories, deep, sincere emotions?

Create the morning of your wedding day like you are, with a variety of tips, follow those that touch you and resonate in your heart.

The newlyweds-to-be have very little free time. How to organize the morning of the bride and groom and make interesting photos and videos. Not only beautiful gatherings will help create the right atmosphere. You can, for example, order photography:

a short meeting of a couple in a favorite cafe;
gathering with girlfriends;
a secluded walk, giving freshness and vigor.
Photographers notice that the bride’s morning is the beginning of a family album and a quarter of all pictures of an important day, a short photo session about how the bride’s gathering is going on gives a huge amount of positive.

Among the recommendations are the following:

Do whatever can be planned and prepared in advance. So, on the wedding day you will not be taken care of, you will enjoy every minute of the holiday.
Invite a make-up artist, hairdresser, photographer to the meeting place. Conduct rehearsals on makeup and styling in advance, so you can more accurately plan the time of arrival of specialists.
The photo session will take about an hour and a half, and everyone who will take part in the shooting should be ready for the arrival of the photographer and videographer. The usual time is one hour before the end of the work of the makeup artist and hairdresser.
Make sure that the wedding bouquet is delivered at the beginning of the photo session.
Set aside enough time to interact with family members.
The day before the ceremony, arrange the dress and the necessary accessories so that it is convenient for you. Get creative, photographers often take close-ups of them. Take care of the clothes you wear on your wedding day.
Be sure to get some sleep. Healthy sleep is a guarantee of beauty and good mood.
It’s hard to avoid excitement on your wedding day. Create the desired atmosphere with music, prepare a playlist. Arrange small bouquets of your favorite fresh flowers.
Don’t skip breakfast. Let him be humble, but he will help to gain strength and confidence.


For gentle, touching photos, you can invite the photographer to the location where you plan to shoot in the morning. Situations are different – it can be an apartment, a country house or a hotel room. Be sure to take it into account. Clutter is not tolerated.

Photo session at the hotel is popular. Brides “run away” from the excitement and noise, the day before they call themselves in order with the help of the regenerating and cosmetic procedures offered here. The bride’s morning at the hotel is a good option for a stylish themed photo session. You can invite relatives, girlfriends, organize a buffet table. The room provides everything for the convenient work of stylists and photographers.
If you are thinking about the quality of shooting, then the best solution is morning in the studio: here there is perfect light, beautifully chosen decor and … a positive mood. (Convenient when the photo studio is located not far from the house, the place of registration, the banquet hall).
Very spectacular pictures are taken in nature during the warm season. The photographer manages to capture the beauty of a new day, flowers, harmonious image of the bride.

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