Orchid scents

Exotic orchids of the first instance in the communication of perfume compositions from the 18th century. A sweet floral scent, enchanting and feminine, used in solo pyramids and in combination with other flowers (jasmine, ylang-ylang), fruits (apricot, peach, tangerine), as well as with caramel, musk, sandalwood, dark chocolate.

Orchid smell in aromatherapy:

increases mental alertness;
reduces fatigue and stress;
invigorates, helps to wake up.
For many, the scent of an orchid is associated with something chic, luxurious. Therefore, candles and diffusers with it are loved to be used in hotels, spa resorts and shopping centers in order to create in visitors a sense of their own greatness, parameters to high society.

How is it perceived?
In addition to the well-known Cattleya and Phalaenopsis orchids, there are 25 thousand rubles. species of this exotic flower. And just as many unique aromas – from the pure scent of coconut, floral and vanilla-chocolate shades to woody notes and even the smell of rotten meat. In the aromatic world, orchid notes are characterized as floral, powdery, vanilla. The smell cannot be obtained naturally, for an essential oil or an absolute you need too many flowers, therefore it is most often synthesized or composed from other ingredients.

How to use?

For a romantic evening. Intoxicating orchid, especially in aromas with amber, gardenia – seduction in its purest form.
For an invigorating morning. A juicy tropical cocktail fills the room, a great start to a good day.
For a relaxing evening. Pure scents with cotton, peach or citrus erase unpleasant emotions and give you relaxation.
What to choose?

In the variety of fragrances with orchids, we would like to highlight Cattleya’s composition of ylang-ylang from the “Urban” collection of the British brand Stoneglow. This is your personal tropical paradise, in which you can find yourself at any time when you are tired of the city noise and want some privacy. An exotic cocktail of velvet orchid, sumptuous ylang-ylang, refreshing aloe and sparkling citrus fruits uplifts the mood from the first breath. Suitable for aromatization of the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom. Moderately sweet, moderately fresh, wonderful alluring and sophisticated perfume will make your home a place you want to return to. Choose your format: natural wax candles, diffusers, sprays, sachets.

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