Products for the garden and vegetable garden – an overview

Perhaps there is no gardener in the world who would not love his garden. Various garden products help us to make the garden beautiful and well-groomed. Hundreds of companies offer us catalogs of products for the garden and vegetable garden – various stairs, greenhouses, hoses, hoes, sprayers, etc., the use of which makes our work more convenient.

Recently, the number of offers of a wide variety of garden accessories has increased – garden products, the purpose of which is not to facilitate hard work, but to decorate the landscape and life in the garden. A wide variety of planters, pots, birdhouses for birds, waste baskets, decorative stones, letterboxes for the garden, weather vane, signs, etc. And all this is only gaining in demand.
Today, fortunately, the trend is returning to improve the space in which you live – be it a house or a garden. Even a greenhouse or a poultry house, people try to make it more attractive. Products for the garden today are becoming as relevant for the owners of suburban areas as seeds and seedlings. The percentage of people who consider their garden exclusively as a place for relaxation is increasing, which should be a source of joy, relaxation and pleasant impressions. For them, a garden is not just a place where they spend a certain amount of time. For them it is a way of life.

Modern manufacturers of garden products have clearly grasped this trend and are trying to clothe their products in a more aesthetic form. Today many gardeners try to decorate their gardens, as well as at home, in a particular style. This means that the demand for themed goods (for example, for goods in the English garden style, in the style of a Russian estate or the style of oriental gardens) will only increase.

The undoubted advantage of our time is that the geography of communication has expanded. People travel around the world, share their experiences, spy on successful solutions from others, bring goods from travel, including goods for the garden. In this sense, the world has become more democratic. In any corner of our planet, you can walk into someone’s garden and find yourself, say, in French Provence. When a Mediterranean touch will be caught in a set of plants, and discreet accessories, and in a free design, and even in fragrances.

In a good garden there is no sign with the inscription “Provence”. The style that the owner of the garden intended to reflect should be felt by every guest when something elusive reminds you of a picture from a trip or a childhood memory.

Gardening goods can be roughly divided into 2 groups – household and decorative.

Household goods for the garden and garden are intended for performing work in the garden. These include a variety of hoses, sprayers, cover material, bush supports, etc.

Decorative goods for the garden and vegetable garden have a purely decorative purpose, although some of them can be used for quite rational purposes.
For a beginner gardener
If you have just purchased a plot, then you will need:

Products for the garden and vegetable garden
All kinds of garden tools – shovels, hoes, rakes for leaves and branches, pruners and scissors, saws, etc.
Tool containers
Tool belts
Knee pads
Chairs and mats for work
Sprayer (manual or electric)
Irrigation hose
Hose holders
Bush holders (for flowers and berry bushes)
Covering material for beds
Water buckets
Folding buckets for collecting fruits
Ropes in spools
Plant markers
Work clothes and gloves
Respiratory protection for spraying
Chemical tanks
List of decorative garden products offered by modern manufacturers
All kinds of garden tools – shovels, hoes, rakes for leaves and branches, pruners and scissors, saws, etc.
Planters, baskets, flowerpots
Bird Feeders and Drinkers
Trash can
Street clock
Outdoor thermometer
Lanterns and candlesticks
Brackets and hangers
Decorative plant supports
Decorative mini kloshi (mini greenhouses for sensitive seedlings)
Decorative fences for flower beds
Decorative bridges
Chairs and benches
Decorative fireplace
Garden figures and figurines
Artificial stones
Singing stones
Fountains and waterfalls
Manhole covers
Fire boxes, barbecues
Carts, mills
Topiary (decoration of the exterior in the form of a figuratively clipped tree or flower bed)
This is just an incomplete list of decorative products for the garden. There is no limit to the imagination of modern producers and our gardeners. Naturally, each owner decorates his garden in his own way, in accordance with the chosen style and personal preferences.

Before choosing products to decorate your site, consider whether these decorations will be temporary or will remain in the garden for several years. If you decide to bring a new design touch to your garden for one season, you can choose products made from inexpensive, short-lived materials. If you plan to design a garden for many years, it is better to opt for “fundamental” durable products (for example, forged products in the same style).

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