TOP-20 products for soldering from Masters.

TOP-20 products for soldering from Masters.

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    TOP-20 products for soldering from Masters.
    Both beginners and experienced craftsmen have to deal with the problem of choosing tools and accessories for soldering. You can watch hundreds of video reviews from YouTube bloggers, sit for hours on the forums, or read product reviews on websites. Or you can save your precious time and get acquainted with a selection of the TOP-20 most necessary products for soldering from the online store Masters.

Soldering equipment
Soldering iron
A soldering iron is the main tool, without which soldering is, in principle, impossible.

Today, the range of soldering irons is amazing, but among this variety, the main types can be distinguished:

ordinary soldering iron;
USB soldering iron;
soldering iron with temperature control;
gas soldering iron.

An ordinary soldering iron is a well-known classic to everyone. The main criterion for its choice is power. For soldering electronic components of a conventional conventional soldering iron with a power of 25-40 W, for domestic use it is better to consider the option with a power of 60 W. If you need to solder massive elements (thick wires, sheet metal), then you should think about buying a soldering iron with a power of 100 W or more.

Soldering Iron Pro’sKit SI-168U Soldering Iron Pro’sKit SI-168U
The USB soldering iron is one of the novelties of the modern market. Its power is 8 W in most cases for all small soldering work. Let’s take Pro’sKit SI-168U as an example.

Its main “highlight” is that it is powered via a regular USB port. Therefore, it can be easily charged, for example, from a power bank. Thanks to this, the USB soldering iron can be safely classified as portable – you can take it with you everywhere.

Gas soldering iron Goot GP-510SET Gas gas soldering iron Goot GP-510SET
Gas soldering iron is another device from the class of portable soldering irons.

Compared to a USB soldering iron, it is much more powerful, therefore it is more for “rough” soldering – soldering wires, copper pipes, sheet metal. Among the additional advantages, it is worth noting that the gas soldering iron can also be used as a conventional gas torch. Due to its high quality and complete set, the Goot GP-510SET is considered the most popular model of gas soldering iron.

Soldering iron with temperature control – in comparison with a conventional soldering iron, a more versatile tool. With 70 W power and temperature control, it is excellent for lead-free soldering as well as for ordinary lead soldering. The range of temperature controlled soldering irons is quite wide – from budget models to professional ones.

Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron Goot PX-201
Among the professionals, I would like a Japanese GOOT PX-201 soldering iron. It features high quality and a large selection of alternative soldering stations.

Soldering Station
The soldering station is an indispensable tool for professional soldering and electronics repair. Most soldering stations are galvanically isolated, which provides additional safety during soldering. Also, in comparison with a conventional soldering iron, the soldering station allows you to more accurately adjust the status of the tip position. Soldering stations can be conditionally divided into 2 types:

contact soldering station;
hot air soldering station.
Soldering station AOYUE 937 Soldering station AOYUE 937
Conventional contact soldering stations consist of a control unit and the soldering iron itself. The lion’s share of soldering stations at the station with 50 W soldering irons with HAKKO 900M tips. They are mainly suitable for distributing electronic soldering work. But they are not suitable for lead-free soldering. For this, it is better to use soldering stations with HAKKO T12 tips and induction soldering stations, which are distinguished by higher power (from 60 to 90 W) and quick heating of the tip.

Hot Air Rework Station Accta 301 Hot Air Rework Station Accta 301
Hot air soldering stations – a universal repair complex for electronics. Like conventional soldering stations, hot air models differ in power. But thanks to the presence of a hot air gun, their functionality is much wider – from ordinary soldering to soldering microcircuits. I would especially like soldering stations from the manufacturer Accta, which are distinguished by their reliability, precise temperature control and compact dimensions.

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