What is computer maintenance

Computer maintenance is a set of measures aimed at ensuring the stable and trouble-free functioning of computer hardware, software and applications, peripheral and network equipment.

Work performed during subscription service
Subscriber service allows you to solve any technical problems facing the owner of a small or medium-sized enterprise. The list of services provided by an IT outsourcing company includes:

Installation of system software and custom applications;
Installation of anti-virus programs and firewalls, regular system diagnostics;
Adjustment and provision of optimal functioning of workstations;
Installation and administration of server equipment;
Adjustment and regular administration of terminal servers;
Setting up and maintaining the performance of virtual servers;
Connecting the office to the Internet, assistance in choosing the optimal package;
Periodic check of the network operability and correction of its operation;
Ensuring uninterrupted work Internet provision of workstation connections;
Organization of differentiation of user access rights;
Adjustment of the work of e-mail on any electronic gadgets of employees;
Organization and regular maintenance of fault-tolerant systems;
Adjustment and maintenance of client or cloud backup systems;
Visits to the client’s office to monitor and correct the state of systems;
Urgent visits to the office at the request of the customer.
Maintenance of office equipment and local network
The list of required office equipment includes scanners, printers, video projectors, access points and much more. This technique requires constant care and monitoring of the current state. The service organization may be required to spend the remaining life, perform a hardware or software upgrade if necessary, and find a suitable replacement for a failed piece of equipment.

The network infrastructure also needs constant attention. New technologies are constantly emerging that make it possible to organize its work more efficiently. Requirements for information security are increasing. New methods of hacking into networks are forcing regular updates to antivirus software. The transition to cloud technologies requires keeping the system of differentiation of access rights up to date.

Planned and preventive work
Rhythmic productive work simplifies the automation of business processes and has a beneficial effect on the cost of products or services provided. Prevention helps to reduce the likelihood of stoppages due to breakdowns. It includes:

Cleaning equipment from contamination;
Monitoring the performance of equipment and its vulnerable elements;
Replacement of worn out parts;
Replenishment of a stock of consumables.
Sometimes additional data backups, anti-virus scans and software updates may be required. Other areas can be added to the list – their list was concluded when concluding the contract.

Services provided in the format
You can order computer maintenance services in ways. The easiest one is filling out a form on the website of an IT outsourcing organization. As a rule, the managers of the selected company immediately respond to the request, after which they contact the client to draw up and sign the contract.

Subscription service order

The client has the opportunity to choose individual services or order a standard package of services. This allows you to select an option in accordance with the scale of the customer enterprise.

Why is it more profitable to sell service in an IT outsourcing company
The correct choice of the contractor for carrying out regular service resources will allow you to get the maximum effect with a minimum investment of time and financial resources. It is optimal to use the services of IT outsourcing companies. Some of the most important benefits that third-party capabilities provide:

Rich experience based on solving many similar problems;
No need for your own specialists, special equipment and software;
24/7 technical support, taking into account work on weekends;
Implementation of the latest information technologies in the work of the enterprise.
The widest range of services and the fact that everything you need is in one place is a weighty argument in favor of turning to IT outsourcing for help. A pleasant addition will be the minimum cost of a full range of works, for which the enterprise will no longer need a full-time system administrator or an entire IT department.

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