What should be the resume of a personal assistant in 2020?

If you have not been actively looking for a job in the last couple of years, then your knowledge of the form, design and content of the resume is no longer relevant. Use the guidelines in this article to write a modern resume for the following positions: Business Assistant, Personal Assistant, Executive Assistant.

Search target
Examples of achievements
key skills
Professional quality
Examples for the section “About me”

  1. Preparation
    Before you start creating a resume, study the article “The Universal Method of Writing a Selling Resume”. In this publication, you will get acquainted with a case that will help you collect all the information for writing a selling resume. Let me remind you that the seller specifying keywords for a specific search goal meets the requirements of vacancies for similar positions and contains a certain set of words.
  2. Purpose of the search
    The wording of your search goal should be set at the beginning. If you want to apply for a vacancy, the name of the position is different from your current position, then change it to the one indicated in the vacancy.

List of positions for which you can use the examples in this article:

Initial (0) positions: office-level administrator assistant, receptionist – receptionist (administrator), administrative coordinator, receptionist (receptionist), assistant secretary, office manager, office administrator (front office assistant), assistant, administrative support, clerk.
Positions of the first level (1): Personal Assistant, Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, Business Assistant, General Director Assistant, Top Manager Assistant, Document Management Manager, Head of the Secretariat Department.
Positions of the second level (2): head of the administrative and economic department, office manager, administrative manager, operations manager, business project manager, administrative manager, manager of administrative and economic activities (production manager).

  1. Job profile
    Positions A profile is a standard of an ideal candidate, which contains the requirements for knowledge, skills, and qualifications of a candidate necessary to perform official duties. Job description – a short version of the job profile, which includes a list of mandatory requirements for the initial selection of candidates by resume.

sample resume personal assistant

Personal assistant
Supervision of several blocks of work:
Travel support:

Full travel support: route development, ticket purchase, hotel booking, business aviation, remote solution of all travel issues.
24/7 phone support: 24/7/365.
Maintaining, coordinating and controlling the passage of payments.
Administrative functions:

Scheduling business meetings / manager’s schedule, reminders, organizing confcalls.
Maintaining a personal mailbox for the manager: control of incoming letters, preparation and writing of responses on behalf of the manager.
Fulfillment of personal orders of the head: buying goods, organizing events, searching for information, etc.
Monitoring the execution of orders from the head.
Preparation of presentations.
Organization of corporate events.
Business support for the head, preparation of reports, preparation of analytical reviews. Work in Excel, Power Point programs.

Interaction with receptionists, the ability to properly distribute the volume and set deadlines.
Organization of meetings, conferences, negotiations.
Execution of orders, search for the necessary information.
Choosing and buying gifts for birthdays and other holidays for partners.

  1. Responsibilities
    Below are lists of responsibilities for positions at different levels. These are keywords / phrases by which HR managers select candidates for their resume. Choose from the proposed list those that are for your experience and distribute to your places of work.

Administrative Coordinator:

Administrative support of the office (processing incoming calls, receiving and sending correspondence, booking meeting rooms).
Interaction with service providers (courier and postal services, outsourcing companies).
Search for new ones if necessary.
Travel and visa support for employees and managers.
Document management: preparation of presentations on demand.
Interaction with internal divisions of the company, incl. with marketing, finance, HR.
Communication with global services for administrative matters.
Participation in planning and organizing events.
Preparation of monthly reports.
Administrative assistant:

Coordination of the work of top managers of the company.
Preparation of the necessary contracts, documentation for signing.
Receiving incoming calls and distributing them.
Sending, receiving and registering correspondence.

Meeting and coordinating guests.
Assistance in organizing corporate events.
Travel support.
Administrative support for the CEO.
Providing the office with everything necessary for full-fledged work.
Coordination of the work of courier and cleaning services.
Head of the Secretariat:

Organization of the work of the secretariat, department management (secretariat + courier service).
Event support (organization of events, participation in the organization of conferences, exhibitions; support of corporate events, decoration of holidays, selection and preparation of gifts for company employees).
Full travel support (visas, passports, business trips, transfers, tickets, hotels, car rental, organization of complex trips).
Organization of material and technical support of the central office (supplying the office with food, stationery, medicines, equipment, furniture, appliances, etc.).
Registration of incoming and outgoing documents, logging and database of outgoing letters.
Planning the working hours of the top officials of the company.
Control over the fulfillment of the requirements of administrative documents and instructions of the management.
Personal assistant:

Full administrative and informational support of the head.
Full business support and assistance to the CEO.
Coordination of documents.
Drawing up graphs, tables.
Receiving calls.
Planning, organization and support of the manager’s working day (organization of meetings, negotiations, meetings, etc.).
Maintaining a Personal Calendar of Executives on a daily basis (meetings, travel schedules).
Organization of the manager’s working day, calendar management in MS Outlook.
Tracking the execution of orders of the head.
Record keeping: preparation of memos, newsletters, execution control, registration of documents, etc.
Working with incoming and outgoing correspondence and conducting business correspondence (sorting incoming correspondence, replies, ranking by importance / urgency).
Working with contacts (address book, birthdays, etc.)
Organization and participation in meetings and negotiations, recording.
Organization of meetings of the head and receiving visitors.
Preparation of analytical and reference materials, collection of information.
Presentation design in PowerPoint.
Preparation of materials for meetings, negotiations.
Direct participation in negotiations, business meetings, receptions.
Keeping minutes and other documents formalizing the course and results of meetings, meetings, negotiations.
Conducting business correspondence (including in English).
Collection and preparation of analytical, informational, reference and other materials for the Head.
Bringing the instructions, orders, instructions of the Head to the employees, monitoring their execution just in time.
Communication with banks (Russian, foreign) provision of payment orders, summaries, control of transactions.
Control over the implementation of the tasks of the head (report on the status of the tasks)
Negotiating with the top management of the company.
Cost control.
Translations of documents from Russian into English and from English into Russian.
Preparation, updating, systematization of information on a regular basis.
Control of the timely receipt of reports from employees to the Manager.
Information, reference and documentation support of the head.
Preparation of draft documents (letters, orders, reports), execution of printed, copying works.
Preliminary consideration and quality control, the correctness of the preparation of documents submitted for the signature of the head.
Participation in all business processes of the company, control of the execution of orders at all levels with the provision of “feedback” to the head.
Interaction with contractors and suppliers: correspondence (including in English), conclusion of contracts, control of payment for services.
Budgeting for recurrent administrative expenses and paying bills (including abroad).
Checking the financial statements provided to the head from the departments of the holding.
Organization and provision of business trips and leisure for the head: visa processing; rent of villas, yachts, cars; ordering private jets, transfers, VIP lounges; booking of hotels and restaurants.
The solution of organizational and economic issues.
Participation in negotiations, including as a translator (English)
Organization of negotiations and meetings of the head.
Solving non-standard tasks.
Organization and recording of meetings.
Correspondence with business partners.
Organization and management of office work and archival affairs:
work with incoming and outgoing documentation
organization of document signing
development and implementation of regulations
Organization of corporate events.
Preparation of advance reports.
Coordination of the work of couriers and drivers.
Preparation of business letters to partners and employees.
Maintaining and updating the base of contacts of the head.
Informational support of the head.
Travel support (search and purchase of tickets, hotel booking, visa support) of the head.

Search, processing of information at the request of the head.
Preparation of presentations, reports on behalf of the head.
Accompanying the head on business trips.
Organization of personal and partner meetings and events for the head.
Fulfillment of the manager’s personal assignments (gifts to clients and partners, assignments relating to the family, etc.).
Business correspondence (in Russian / English).
Project management and solution of organizational issues.
Coordination of administrative blocks.
Interaction with foreign business partners.
Direct participation in negotiations, business meetings.
Preparation and translation of documentation from Russian into English and vice versa.

  1. Examples of achievements
    The main points of attraction in a resume are achievements. Give specific examples of what you did in your current / previous job. Use the examples below as a basis for creating your own results. They should reflect the main KPIs of your job, taking into account the objectives of the position for which you are currently applying. These can be results both in numbers and without them.

Examples of KPIs results in numbers:

Extensive and successful experience in travel support, including work with business aviation. During the year, she organized more than 300 business trips, including personal flights for the head.
Conducted a joint training with the HR department on In-room service. The indicator of the level of customer service quality increased by 40%.
Reduced the cost of purchasing equipment, materials and services by 15%.
Reduced travel and travel expenses by 35%.
Reduced the cost of purchasing equipment, materials and services by 12%.
Performance results are not quantifiable for every position. In this case, you will need to present the results in qualitative terms. These can be: successful projects, positive reviews, awards, diplomas, career advancement.

Examples of KPIs achievements without numbers:

Developed a new format of events to attract new customers and increase the loyalty of existing ones.
Developed and implemented a new reporting system.
Developed a regulation to prevent accidents and situations that threaten the safety of personnel.
Developed and implemented a new system for working with suppliers.
Organized training camps of the team abroad.
She took part in organizing the Champions League Final.
Took part in the conclusion of a one-year contract with the Russian community in China for holding events.
Held an event from the Russian school Skolkovo “Name”.
Organized effective interaction with related subdivisions, heads of separate subdivisions, top managers.
Developed and implemented a new system for working with suppliers.
Implemented standards for paperwork, corporate ethics guidelines, regulations.
Has successfully completed a full range of office relocation activities.
Developed and implemented a project for the organization of a corporate vehicle fleet (leasing, maintenance / repair, insurance).
She successfully negotiated with major suppliers and entered into contracts on favorable terms.

“Best Employee of the Year” (2016). For ensuring the coordinated work of all divisions of the company.
At the end of 2017, she received the title of “Best in Profession”.
Received an award for the creation of the “X” program (2016).
“Certificate of honor for high professionalism, exemplary performance of official duties.”
“Certificate of honor for achieving high performance in work.”
“For active improvement of the structure of business centers” (2017).

  1. Key skills
    Below is a list of the skills that are required to successfully complete a job in your industry. Pick the skills that you possess and incorporate them into your resume.

Office work
Business Etiquette
High print speed
Business etiquette
Electronic document management
Working with confidential information
Competent Russian (oral and written)
Ethics and culture of business communication
Ownership of org. technique
Work with accounting documents
Working with top officials of the company
Contract work
Travel support
Event Management
Lifistyle management
Competent Russian (oral and written)
Lotus Notes
PC – confident user (Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point)
Preparation of presentations
Organization of meetings
Fluency in English (written and spoken, business English)
Written translation
Oral translation
Calendar maintenance in MS Outlook

  1. Professional qualities
    A list of personal qualities that are required for the required level of performance of job characteristics in the job profile. Pick the qualities you possess and include in your resume / cover letter.

Active life position
Analytic mind
Attention to details
High learning ability
High level of self-organization

Ready for intense workload and irregular working hours
Communication – the ability to find contact with different categories of people
Efficiency and independence in decision making
Stress tolerance
Ability to work in a team
Ability to work at a high pace all day long, switching between tasks and projects
Ability to learn quickly
Ability to work under voltage with a high level of efficiency
Ability to multitask
Ability to prioritize
Ability to work with a large amount of information while solving diverse problems
Ability to correctly express your thoughts orally and in writing
Ability to work effectively in multitasking mode
Customer focus
Ability to organize information
Focus on results
A responsibility
The ability to organize a large amount of information
High psychological adaptability

  1. Examples for the section “About Me”
    The “About Me” section is a general description of your professional background. It can be in the form of a short paragraph of 1-4 sentences or a bulleted list. Indicate those aspects of your qualifications that are integral components of the vacancy, such as areas of activity, areas of specialization, key competencies, technical skills, licenses, certificates.
    Next, I give examples of filling out the “About me” section so that you can understand and visualize how to do it correctly.

Work experience 3 years in the administrative field. I am able to independently solve and bring to the final result all questions, and find a non-standard solution in which the quality of the result increases and costs decrease. Able to build communications with internal divisions of the company to effectively complete tasks. Ready to be in touch 24/7.
Work experience as a secretary, assistant, executive assistant in large companies for more than 5 years. Experience in planning a manager’s working day, prioritizing tasks and tracking results and deadlines. I have the skills to build effective interaction at all levels of management. Experienced user of electronic document management. I am always ready to be in touch.
Experience in active and stressful work. I can work with a large amount of information in multitasking mode. Able to respond quickly to changes in working conditions. I know how to keep a manager’s calendar, organize meetings, accompany the manager at business meetings and record the agreements reached; monitor the implementation of the tasks that the head assigns to related departments. Ready for business trips and irregular schedules.
Work experience as an office manager / administrative manager for over 5 years in large companies. Experience in electronic document management systems. Fluent knowledge of English. Knowledge of the basics of etiquette, business vocabulary. Good knowledge of MS Office computer programs. Experience in organizing business trips in the Russian Federation and abroad. Ready for an irregular working day.
Work experience as a manager’s assistant for 3 years. I have a higher legal education. Experience in office work, planning, organizing meetings, meetings, trips, business trips. Experience in working with the top officials of the organization. Fluent English (written and spoken).

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