Wooden clock is a natural masterpiece created by people

Buying modern designer watches gives everyone the opportunity to add flavor to their style, strengthen their own business spirit and demonstrate status. Such accessories on the wrist will be a real treasure. Traditional wristwatches are no longer surprising, and a simple definition of the time is boring. Modern high-quality watches are obliged to act as a business card of the owner.

Although times change, we are still greeted by our clothes. It is difficult to imagine a businessman, a successful person, whose every action is aimed at creation and business activity, without the proper designer watches. A wooden clock will easily be an excellent option to complement your look.
What is interesting about a wooden clock?
Wooden watches can hardly be called an absolute novelty of the watch market. This natural material has been used for the production of wrist chronometers for over 30 years. Thanks to modern technologies, today everyone can buy wooden designer watches that correspond to fashion trends and are complemented by high-quality movements.

The products of the Italian company WeWood, which have been produced since 2009, are in the greatest demand among consumers. During its short history, the brand managed to become world-wide popular, and you can buy WeWood wooden wristwatches in more than 40 world countries.

The manufacturer from Italy is fighting to preserve the ecology of our planet, taking particular care of the restoration of green spaces. Every ViWood watch sold is converted into a tree planted by the company. To date, more than 400,000 trees have already been planted in various parts of the world.
Variety of execution of wooden wristwatches
Wooden clocks are made from the remains of expensive woods, including Tasmanian oak, teak, rosewood and many others. The used rare raw materials make it possible to achieve truly unique design solutions, with the acquisition of special nobility by the external appearance of the watch. Manufactured by WeWood, the case is robust, reliable and durable. When creating one model, designers use all kinds of combinations of wood – an exclusive play of tones appears on the watch case.

It is also interesting to buy a wooden wristwatch by the fact that not a single tree has been cut down for its manufacture. In its models, the Italian brand uses wood residues formed after the production of musical instruments and luxury furniture. Such raw materials allow you to create truly high quality products, without the use of any toxic ingredients. The straps, dials and hands are all also made of wood. And the excellent Japanese-made Miyota movement is responsible for the reliable functioning of the chronometer.
Why choose a wristwatch made of wood?
Today, buying a wooden wristwatch means getting a simple and very luxurious accessory at your disposal. Taste, style and bright personality are at your service! If you want to stand out but get a decent look, this product from WeWood is made for just that. Most of the people around you have not even heard of such products, and you can get it at a very affordable price.

All wooden clocks from the Italian brand are seriously different from each other, both in the wood used and in design. There is no doubt that each model is unique, because in nature there are no two identical trees, even if they are united by one species.

When choosing a wooden clock, attention should be paid to the mechanism used, the value of the raw materials, the shades and shape of the product. Compared to metal wrist accessories, wood products are quite rare. Most people do not even know that such a clock can exist at all. Choosing a wooden watch model, get ready for increased attention from the people around you!
WeWood is a trustworthy company
All technical ideas, materials and products from WeWood have long been available to the residents of our country. In our online store you can get acquainted with the most modern designer wooden clocks from the Italian brand. All this will allow you to choose a model for yourself or buy them as a gift for a dear person. Believe me, the hero of the occasion will be pleasantly surprised by such an unusual gift.

Presentable wristwatches made of wood will delight every admirer of environmentally friendly materials, and the original design and no less exclusive strap will make it possible to successfully complement any look, matching any outfit.

In most world countries, wooden wrist chronometers are associated with a brand from Italy. WeWood provides a unique opportunity to take a fresh look at sustainability and luxury, trusting nature itself to complement your style. Eco-trand is a successful concept today, and more and more wooden watches are becoming a choiceadmirers of a healthy lifestyle, who care about preserving the ecology of our planet. With a WiWood watch, you will not be able to stand aside, because even the purchase itself will allow you to contribute to the preservation of forests.

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