Yak princess: choose the image of five kingdoms

Happy princesses – the attraction of elegance and grace, and we knew all the five proofs of the theory.

Ketrin, Duchess of Cambridge
Ketrin Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor (in the class of Ketrin Meddleton) was elected as Prince William in 2011, and at the same time with the newest royal weights of fun. With a quiet feast, two children were born at the bet, Ketrin was actively involved in the charity and also indulged in the list of 100 high-powered people in the world according to the version of Time magazine. Ї typical make-up – the basis of the middle pokritty, brown eyeliner and trocha rum’yan on the cheeks. For this method, the eyebrows are even more important and ideal, and the lip axis can be made neutral. Likewise, in us, invisibly, the wickedness of our overwhelmed minuscule cleansing.

Princess of Thailand Sirivannavari Nariratan
Princess Sirіvannavari Narіratan, donna of Crown Prince Mahi Vachіralongkorn – a guest of Tizhnіv Modi in Paris. Wonder to love the current make-up and yaskravі colori, ale, with all Volodya’s uncontrollable gusto. Look for smart minds to wear yaskravu lipstick in combination with extra-dyes and ruminants in a bronze display.

Queen Raniya Al-Abdullah of Jordan
So, there is not a princess, but a queen. Ale, unaffected on the tse, Raniya Al-Abdullah is not only one with the most progressive women-large-scale acts of the Blizky Shod, but the righteous one-icon. The most recent image – in a royal elegant way, the lipsticks look like powdered trojands and vividly fenced eyes. To create such a lifestyle in order to avoid problems with the plant (early vikoristovka of their skin on the top layer), matt tinioi or brown gami, or also carcasses for viy.

Princess Nigeria Keish Omilana
Keisha fostered the heart of the Nigerian prince Kunle Omilan from the first creation. Kolishnya is a model and a good-for-nothing child, you won’t be proud of simple makeup – I’ll catch up with young people and health’s skins and eyebrows. To get such an image, you need to make it based on the makeup of the transparent pokritta, trohi syaiva on the cheeks and the natural gami lip gloss.

Swedish Princess Madeleine
Aside from the royalties and good deeds, Princess Madeleine still loves cinema sports. You can, it will be explained її in korolіvski vishukany low-horny rum’yanetsі ideal tone of shkіri. The image of loving is the most hairy and comfortable eyes. Princess Madeleine doesn’t use tints for poop, they digest brown olivtsy-podvodtsi, which is ideal to go to the new guise with a lively blisk for lips – the th princess іnіdі changes in bіlіvskoy rіdvodіb.

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